Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We’ve got the answers!

There are about 1,000 decisions that go into almost every insurance policy that is created. At Landi & Associates, we factor every decision, and have heard about every question that you can imagine. We have summarized several of the most common questions below.

Why should I use Landi & Associates instead of going directly to an Insurance company site?

Landi & Associate Insurance is your one-stop shop where you get multiple quotes form the top carriers where they are compared by best price.  You’re assured the best value!

How do I know I’m getting the best deal for what I’m Looking for?

Landi & Associates represents some of the top Insurance carriers like…Progressive, Travelers, SAFECO, Zurich, Prudential, MetLife and more. We can insure pretty much everything.

Does this service cost me anything?

No. is a free self-service tool.

Am I obligated to buy Insurance?

Not at all. Our goal is helping people find the best Insurance products that fit their individual needs.


What if I have questions regarding my quote?

Landi & Associates are licensed, professional Insurance Agents standing by to help guide you and answer questions, what ever they may be.

Have more questions for your insurance needs that are not answered above?

Give our licensed, professional insurance agents a call at 727-842-7930, or…

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